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In 1991 I met an old friend and colleague of mine, the late Mr.Mansoor Mahdavi, who was involved in the cable manufacturing industry in Melbourne. His company specialized in flexible cables to use globally within specialized marine and industrial markets including navy and defense, fast ferries, offshore rigs and platforms, railways, switchboards, mobile generators and automotive.

Mansoor was always looking to produce the best unique products. Not only were his cables unique, he also wanted Cable Reels or Spools to be better in shape and quality compared to the existing Cable Reels (Spools) already in the market.

For their day-to-day business needs they required different varieties of Cable Reels and spools. In particular for the 400 mm spools, which are standard high volume in the cable industry, they did not have an Australian supplier for their demand. Mansoor was looking to find a local supplier to replace the imported Cable Reels. He then approached me. After preliminary studies, I sent a proposal to make the tooling for our first 400mm Cable Reels (Spools) manufactured here in Australia.

Mansoor liked the design and supported us to manufacture it. Four months later in 1997 we had made the first 1000 spools for Triangle Cables in Melbourne.

Since 1997 we have been working tirelessly to design and make new Cable Reels (Spools). Our new 400 series blow molding plastic reels which we designed and developed in Australia are the best available Cable Reels (spools) on the market not only in Australia but also worldwide. It is a unique product with less weight but stronger than similar products. We now have a complete set of Cable reels (Spools) from 200 mm up to 630mm sizes in both Injection Molding and Blow molding Cable Reels (Spools).

During the last 10 years, a lot of changes have occurred in the cable reel manufacturing industry. Wood and metal spools have been replaced by injection molding and Blow Molding spools from small to middle sizes (mainly 200 to 630mm sizes). Our unique approach for export packaging and safe material handling equates to less back injuries and less damage in the top rev cables when unloading the spools with forklifts.

Overall our aim has been to be the forerunner in producing the new generation of blow molding spools for the cable industry in Australia.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Massoud Missaghi
October 2005


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